Learning vs action: Where the rubber meets the road

rubber meets the road

There’s no shortage of information for anything you’d ever want to learn, which is great…or is it?

I’ve learned everything I could about the music business…then podcasting, social media, graphic design, websites, email marketing and habit formation from one source or another. I’ve spent thousands of hours reading, watching videos, taking courses, etc…but the fact of the matter is that all of it would’ve been useless had I not put it into action!

Too much learning and not enough doing will turn you into an over-motivated under-achiever.

With the abundance of information available it’s easy to jump from one source of information to the next, looking for the next “hack” or “shortcut” creating MASSIVE paralysis by analysis. The rubber hits the road when you actually do the work. I get so many emails from people who ask me how to do this or that, or the best ways to practice…but I guarantee they’re emailing other people and asking the same questions…and not putting any of the advice into action. Most people think they’re one book away from finding the “answers” or they just need to listen to one more podcast or email one more person to “figure it all out” — please, don’t do that!

Honest question: Have you ever read a book that had you fired up with great, actionable items…and then you turned around and effectively did none of them? I bet you have…

Am I suggesting you stop reading, listening, and watching and emailing people for advice? Absolutely not! I’m suggesting…matter of fact, I‘m imploring you…TAKE ACTION with the information you already have. If you find a a great book, use the principles for a few months and see how they work for you. If they work, keep doing them. If they don’t, move on.

Compile the knowledge, sort our what’s best for you and put a plan into action. There’s no substitute for action.

There are no secrets.

There are no shortcuts.

Do the work.

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